Every time I say to myself ” ok now I’m going to start watching Sailor Moon”, I end up watching Bob’s Burger’s instead, every single time, goddammit

Come lay with me. I wanna talk about nothing with someone that means something.

Maybe I feel extra bad today because I didn’t have any coffee today and it’s made me super nauseated and given me a huge headache that won’t go away :(

And today I just keep thinking about that one guy that I was friends with for about a month and then he left unexpectedly with no explanation, and the only time I ever heard from him again was when he messaged me several months later to tell me that he left because he thought I was too inexperienced in everything and didn’t want the immense responsibility of having to be my first everything, I didn’t even like him in that way and I just wanted to be friends but I know that it’s always going to be that way with any guy, they’re always going to be disgusted and repulsed by the way I am and the fact that no one has ever wanted me, and it sends me into such despair

God it really does break me down in a way that nothing else can :’(

And also apparently none of texts to anyone are worth answering any more so apparently I’ve stopped being an actual human being with feelings and thoughts

You see those posts on here and they’re stupid but at the same time a part of me wishes that someone cared enough about me to check up on/read my blog every day too….